Basement Flooring in Hamilton

Turning your basement into a functional space is one thing you need to do if you want to increase the value of your home. Basements are no longer storage spaces for unwanted items and with some creativity, you can turn them into beautiful spaces that you will enjoy spending time in, as well as increasing the value of your home.

One way to go about improving your basement is to update the floor. Basement flooring, however, doesn’t adhere to the rules of regular flooring and if you want the job done perfectly, you need to partner with a competent renovation company for the job.

At Honest Renovations, we have a proven track record of beautifying and improving basements and we cannot wait to share some of our basement renovation ideas with you.

The Challenges of Basement Flooring Installation

Basements are close to the ground and this makes them moisture-prone even when it is dry. When it is raining, water can collect on the basement’s floor and this can cause all manner of hazards.

The moisture provides a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew and this not only affects the appearance of your basement floor, but it also makes it a slipping hazard as well. The dampness will cause the floor to decay and this will increase the cost needed to maintain your home.

You, therefore, need to find the perfect flooring material for your home in Hamilton and Honest Renovations will help you in that regard. Our flooring experts have the tools and experience to give your basement the right floor and turn it into a beautiful space for your family.

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Below-Grade Flooring Ideas

When it comes to flooring, below-grade does not mean cheap or substandard flooring. It simply means ground-level flooring. Above-grade flooring materials are safe from water damage but below-grade materials are prone to water damage and mild flooding.

choosing the best basement flooring

When it comes to finding the right material for your basement floor there are a few things that you need to consider so as to give your basement the best look and here are some of them.

  • Hard materials such as concrete and tile are better than soft elements like carpets.
  • Inorganic materials are better for your basement than organic materials. Tile, vinyl, and concrete are inorganic type of flooring and this makes them great flooring materials for your basement. Hardwood is hard but it is still not ideal for your basement as it is still organic. This means that it will grow mould over time and this will lead to its deterioration.
  • It is easier to dry one-layered flooring systems than multi-layered ones. A good example of a one-layered floor system is concrete. Other than being hard, the concrete floor is inorganic and it lacks multiple layers that can trap water.

Professional Basement Flooring Services Hamilton

Our passion for renovation and home improvement extends to the basement and we have the tools, training, and experience to give your basement the perfect look. Contact us today or visit our office for professional basement flooring services in Hamilton.

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