Turn your basement into a legal apartment in Hamilton

Turning your basement into a rental unit or an apartment is a great way to increase your earnings and to increase the value of your property. In many cases, a converted basement returns its investment in the first year. If you have plenty of room in your basement, you can turn to a living space and make it useful and profitable. However, to achieve a beautiful and presentable living space, you need specialists to do the work for you. Your clients will be attracted by the appearance and uniqueness of the basement apartment.

At Honest Renovations, we specialize in basement renovations. Having been in the industry for more than 5 years, we have the necessary expertise and experience to offer quality services to our clients. If you are looking to include a bathroom, a bedroom or any other facility in your basement, we are the right experts to do the work for you. We have highly-trained staff who can turn your unused basement to an income-generating room. Below are the essentials for turning your basement into a legal apartment:

Ensure legal requirements are met

Every location has its laws concerning the establishment of basement rental units. For instance, one of the key requirements is to ensure the newly designed basement apartment has its exit. House buyers are also keen to know if the house they intend to purchase has been constructed per the laid rules. If the required regulations are not followed, the local authorities may disapprove the construction leading to significant losses.

Plan appropriately for the kitchen and bathroom

If the basement was not fitted with a bathroom and a kitchen, you need to consider installing them before proceeding to the other areas because they’ll require careful mounting of underground water piping system. These are essential requirements for an apartment. If you have limited space, you can make a small bathroom and a kitchenette. You should also install gas supply lines that connect well to the kitchen.

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Mind about the light

Since the apartment will be underground, there will be little or no natural light reaching the room. Therefore, the apartment to be built should be well-lit to enable clear visibility. You can use different tubes and lights bulbs which have little electricity consumption. To minimize lighting bills, you should use LED lights to save energy.

Insulation of sound and fire

You should insulate between the living place and the basement apartment. You can also opt to make the room soundproof or make sound insulation.


For the room’s finishing, you should select the right colour. The choice of the selected colour contributes a lot to the final look of the apartment unit. Neutral colours are excellent choices since they suit everyone.

If you have an unused or underutilized basement, you have a chance to increase your earnings. At Honest Renovations, we provide high-quality basement renovation services to ensure your house value appreciates significantly. If you require our services, give us a call via 289-260-2462.

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