Basement Renovation Ideas

basement renovation

If you have an unfinished basement or just need to update an old, tired one, there are several advantages to fixing your basement space up.

Developing a finished basement increases the amount of living space in your home, effectively giving you a larger house. If you sell your home, having a finished basement increases the value greatly, for an excellent return on your remodelling investment. It’s also a good opportunity to increase energy efficiency and insulate this large area.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do with this extra space that’s often underused, here are some popular basement remodel ideas, to help you make the most of your entire home.

Open Up a Dark or Small Basement Space With a Basement Remodel

Basements can feel dingy and cramped, especially if you only have a small space to begin with.

A fresh coat of paint and new flooring will help, but to give the sense of a larger area, avoid paints or floors in a dark colour. Instead, opt for bright white walls, and a lighter floor. If you have a concrete floor, consider moving away from the industrial look, to a softer, warmer laminate or vinyl plank with a good underlayment.

Good lighting is essential to make the area feel more like a living space. Adding high-quality, bright fixtures brightens everything up and looks less utilitarian. Also, for a truly finished basement, don’t forget to finish the small windows properly to make them brighter.

Sliding barn doors are cost-effective and useful for separating rooms. They’re convenient if you do ever need to open up for a bigger basement area, and, because they don’t open outwards, they’re ideal for smaller areas.

An open ceiling with painted ductwork is relatively cheap but looks more finished and gives a feeling of space. A drop-down ceiling helps with insulation and soundproofing and gives the look of a more finished basement.

Recessed shelves, floating shelves, and storage cabinets keep the basement tidy as it gets used more.

Basement Remodelling Ideas

Before jumping into a renovation, consider how you would like to use your space. Is there a type of room that you would like to have, but didn’t think you had the space for? Would you like to have a larger, open-concept area for the family to congregate, or a secluded, quiet book nook or craft room? Beyond the obvious man cave, there are many types of recreational spaces that you may be interested in. Alternatively, you may simply need another all-purpose room to increase functional space.

Here are some finished basement ideas that are popular with many homeowners.

basement gym

Home Gym

A gym is perfect to take advantage of a basement area of any size. Be sure the floors are suitable for the weight loads and activities. Wood or laminate floors are good for yoga, with carpeting or rubber mats to protect the ground from equipment and for reclined exercises.

Room for Family

You may need another bedroom for a child, or want an extra guest bedroom for when friends and family come to stay.


White walls and shower tile, with glass shower doors, open up an enclosed area, for a bright and polished look. A light floor completes it.

Home Theatre

Embrace the dark and take advantage of it with a home theatre and media room. A raised floor with extra seating, dark walls, and recessed, dimmable lighting give the perfect setting for family movie night.

basement playroom


An area for the kids to play in is one of the more common finished basement ideas. It doesn’t need to be just toys scattered across an empty room. Lots of storage solutions to keep it tidy, bright colours, and soft flooring will make it a fun and attractive spot. You can get creative by adding features like a climbing wall.

Basement Laundry Room

Many people just have their washer and dryer on bare cement in a concrete corner. Create a proper basement laundry room, to make the space more functional. Doing laundry will be easier and more pleasant. Tile or laminate floors look better but are still easy for cleaning and handle wet spills well. Cabinets and cupboards for storage keep the area tidy.

Home Bar

A wet bar and wine cellar are fun for adults. A cellar is especially good if your basement is cool and dry, although you may want cozy furniture if you plan on spending time in your basement bar to enjoy the drinks. A built-in counter, bar stools, and artistic wine storage make it an attractive feature. Add a mini-fridge, and you’re set to entertain guests.


If you work from home, a basement office can be an excellent location to work from, as it is more isolated from the bustle and noise of the rest of the house.


To generate some extra income, if you have a separate entrance and don’t need the extra space, a basement apartment is a valuable addition. By adding a kitchenette, new appliances, a featured living area, and barn doors to separate the sleeping area, you can transform this area into a full apartment.

basement space

Ready to Create Your Dream Basement Space?

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