How To Renovate Your Commercial Space After COVID

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It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every area of our lives. From grocery shopping and working out, to our daily 9-5 and nights out, we’ve really had to adjust. If your remote workforce is slowly transitioning back to your office space, some renovations will likely need to take place to minimize the spread of germs and maximize safety. The building owner and business owners can collaborate in order to reduce disease spread amongst employees by integrating specific renovations that can prevent widespread circulation.

If your commercial property is in need of a few COVID-friendly updates and office renovations, here are 3 things you might consider as you begin your reopening efforts.

1. Create Distinct Spaces To Promote Social Distancing

As offices reopen and people return to working in a building together, there will definitely be a need for more space for physically distanced “bubbles”. Creating distinct rooms might mean that you spread out cubicles, divide break areas, update your current benching systems, have separate conference rooms, and use more substantial partitions than what was used in the past.

New, enclosed spaces can ensure employees maintain proper distance and have their own space to work safely. An office renovation should see separate areas as a major focus in order to limit contact between employees. Rearranging desks, creating separate benching systems, and putting up barriers can act as a physical reminder to adhere to COVID guidelines and distancing.

The main goal for this renovation is to naturally facilitate physical distancing between employees and guests by spacing out the office.

Another space renovation that can be considered is to dedicate separate rooms for visitors, deliveries, and other guests. These rooms can help adequately spread out people and reduce outside traffic in the commercial or office space.

2. Install Hygiene Systems For A Cleaner Environment

If there’s any time to make some upgrades to your sanitation systems, it’s now. Ensuring that the air and the office environment are as clean as possible is a vital step that should be taken as you return to work. No matter what kind of commercial space you have, HVAC systems are definitely something to consider.

Upgrading HVAC systems can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your office space. Since COVID is a virus that travels through air particles, it’s important to carefully filter the air in your commercial space so that you are breathing in and spreading clean air. Installing tools and safety equipment like HVAC systems can help curb the spread of the virus amongst office workers and can boost the health of the office.

Another consideration when it comes to office renovation is lowering high-touch surfaces. While many spaces now use automatic doors activated by buttons or sensors, there are still updates that can be done to lower the number of high touch areas in the office. This can be done by installing more motion sensors on doors, door handles, bathroom hand dryers, or faucets. For surfaces that can’t be automated, use easy-to-clean materials so that you can maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the office.

3. Upgrade Current Technology In Office Space

Boosting office health and energy doesn’t stop at hygiene and social distancing. Another renovation consideration involves upgrading your technology in order to accommodate seamless collaboration between in-person and remote workers.

The pandemic has made remote teams the new normal. With most employees working from home over the past year, it is likely that many of them will continue to do so in the coming months or even the rest of the year. In order to enhance virtual collaboration, now is the perfect time for technology in the office space to be updated.

Technology updates would include upgrading your space’s wifi connection, installing large monitors in the conference areas and moving around the other office furniture in order to make collaboration possible.

When you rearrange existing furniture, you are showing your employees that teamwork is essential and needed, regardless of where your employees are. The main goal here is to make working in teams still a reality, even if some employees are working remotely.

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