The Best Paint Colours For An Office Renovation

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many staff have taken to working from their home offices. But now, as it comes time to close the home office for good and return to the office, your office needs to be better than ever.

Many companies need to consider renovating their office spaces to create a functional and comfortable place that their employees enjoy. Employee satisfaction is more important than ever before, and your office space plays a huge role in retaining your employees.

A large part of making your office a comfortable space is the paint colour. Paint can transform your space and set a tone for the entire office. It is vital that you select a paint colour that will look beautiful and boost the energy level and mood of your staff.

Why Painting Is Important

According to psychologist Angela Wright, colours affect our moods. Different colours can evoke feelings like happiness, anger, calmness, and more. Some colours are even known to increase oxygen supply to the brain and lower our blood pressure.

The atmosphere of your office is a huge factor in your employees’ productivity, focus, and creativity. You need to select a paint colour that will help your staff stay focused, on task and performing their best.

7 Colours To Paint Your Office Walls For Productivity

We have selected seven paint colours that will brighten your office and boost the mood and productivity of your staff. Keep reading below to determine what colour you should paint your office.

1. Light Blue

Blue is known to keep the mind sharp and focused. It is like a breath of fresh air in your office!

If you want to keep your employees feeling refreshed, focused, and on top of their work, you should choose light blue for your office walls. Pastel blue hues will keep your staff sharp and their energy levels up.

Unsure about pastel blue? Try painting your office blue-grays. The grey tones will balance out the blue and make it feel more neutral. Despite this, you will still get added productivity and focus.

2. Forest Green

Do you work in a fast-paced, high-stress industry like the financial industry? If so, green may be the colour for your office walls, not just because it is associated with wealth.

According to Angela Wright’s colour theory, green projects feelings of balance, calm, and reassurance. It will help relax employees and help them feel centred without diminishing work productivity.

Dark green like Forest Edge by Behr will be the perfect backdrop for your office space.

3. Yellow

According to Angela Wright, yellow evokes feelings of happiness; it can brighten spirits and make people feel more creative, making it the ideal colour for creative industries.

We suggest that companies in marketing, design and other creative areas paint their office space pastel yellow to inspire their employees. A pastel hue will still offer the benefits of the colour without creating a bright, tacky room.

4. Orange

Orange is a powerful colour that has both the happiness of yellow and the energy of red. It will help you create a comfortable and productive workspace for yourself and your employees.

We recommend using orange for an accent wall because it will brighten the room without being overpowering.

5. Teal Blue

Teal is a combination of darker shades of deep blue and green, thus offering the benefits of both colours. For example, a fresh coat of blue paint can help boost work performance by keeping the mind sharp. On the other hand, Green will offer a sense of balance to your office.

By playing around with different hues, you can get the benefit of two colours at once.

6. Off White

White does not have to be boring! An off-white or eggshell white creates a sleek, clean look for your office space without feeling cold and bland. White walls also provide the perfect blank slate for colourful artwork and decor—the exact things that will give your office setting personality.

7. Light Gray

Gray can have a similar effect as white when it is done correctly.

A light gray can brighten office spaces while still feeling warm and professional. It will not feel blank either, which you risk when choosing white paint.

We recommend Silver Mist by Benjamin Moore for your office. The bright hue of the paint will keep your space light and airy, mainly thanks to its gloss finish.

Make sure to steer away from dark gray because it could make the space feel dark and melancholy.

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