Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If you’re living in a small apartment or flat, it’s crucial to have a kitchen layout that maximizes storage space and efficiency, as well as incorporates practicality and design.

Depending on the facade and ambiance you want, there are ways to take on your small kitchen renovation project. You don’t need to spend a large amount on kitchen renovation. You can upgrade it by replacing some furniture, fixtures, and stainless steel appliances or do a considerable kitchen remodel that needs a restructure of the entire room. Here are some of the best small kitchen ideas to help create the kitchen of your dreams.

10 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas You Can Apply To Your Home

Add An Efficient Kitchen Island

An island cut out to a small kitchen structure is a practical space-saving solution. It functions as a counter space, dining table or breakfast bar, and extra storage, enhancing the surfaces accessible in a small space. But note that a portable kitchen island exists if you want to avoid constructing a fixed island into the floor space. Move it in if necessary and wheel it to the side when you want the room.

A kitchen island’s correct size and dimension can make a small kitchen bigger.

Use Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces, like marble countertops, ceramic tile, or stainless steel, bounce light back across the room, boosting the effects of natural and artificial light and adding a sense of depth. Plus, incorporating the right mirror into your kitchen instills a touch of elegance. And when applying high-gloss paint, including the ceilings, as well.

Go Brighter

The brighter your kitchen, the bigger it will appear. Provide enough light into the area. Choose window treatments that allow you to use natural light or install some light fixtures.

Lighting can transform your small living space and make it more stylish and structured. Pendant lights won’t overwhelm the area and can deliver the illusion of more room. It’s also essential to include task lighting (e.g., in the sink area) to increase the functionality of your kitchen, and avoid knife mishaps!

Classic Touch To Kitchen Finishes

Keep the kitchen room classy and timeless with monochromatic themes. A monochromatic colour scheme will align your kitchen design and visually expand the space.

A white kitchen just feels good; the clean and fresh look that white cabinets and countertops bring. You may also consider a light-toned kitchen with white, off-white, or soft gray cabinets. Add small doses of black, such as matte black cabinets, for that stylish punch. The big-contrast blend of black and white makes a stunning small kitchen colour palette, adding visual interest.

Repurpose Furniture For Storage

Usually, you will discover traces of cabinet space or irregular corners that are laid open and could be used as a kitchen space. Filler drawers are excellent ways to take advantage of spacings that are best for cooking utensils and condiments. Lower cabinets are also perfect for kitchen storage to take in counter appliances like a coffee machine, stand mixer, and toaster.

Maximize Space

In functional kitchens, countertop space is valuable. Fill unused and pointless areas with a freestanding butcher block and bar cart. Also, get creative with pull-outs, a hidden chopping board with a garbage ramp and receptacle beneath, enhancing kitchen work surface functionality. A popular space-saving trend is having frequently used appliances slide out in shallow drawers installed in cupboards. This saves valuable workspace and makes the kitchen feel less cluttered.

Add Open Shelves

When tailored, open shelving can serve as a lovely display in your kitchen. But if you have a small space, it offers additional storage and can make your tiny kitchen feel roomier. Not to mention the indulgence of always seeing all your kitchen items and collection, especially if it’s beautiful or has been passed down from generation to generation!

Choose Modern & Practical Appliances

You can save plenty of space by opting for multi-purpose kitchen appliances. Appliances that work as double-duty are popular nowadays, like a microwave-convection-browning appliance and an innovative kitchen sink with a built-in dishwasher. High-quality small appliances are also in-demand to maximize the efficiency of a small kitchen.

Paint Your Walls

Cover an entire wall in one vivid colour to create a calm environment. But if you don’t know which colour to choose – you feel you want neutral hues, or you’re just a tenant who wants to avoid risking your security deposit – just paint an accent wall.

Accent walls are the best way to generate a statement, regardless of your kitchen’s size, and they don’t need any electric tools.

Let Your Kitchen Expand

When renovating, you can specify your kitchen layout. Therefore, if you like to stretch your cabinets over your dining room, feel free. Use a low half-wall to partition your breakfast nook and your cooking area. Doing so allows you to maintain the feeling of the spaces connected and look like a typical extension of your kitchen. It even provides some breathing room to the design of your house.

Are You Ready For A Kitchen Renovation?

If you want to renovate your kitchen, proceeding with a DIY process seems reasonable in particular circumstances. But there are many cases where hiring a professional interior designer or contractor is the right option. A professional kitchen remodeler gives tips, suggestions, and ideas on optimizing your kitchen space.

When you are looking for a highly competent general contractor, contact Honest Renovations today. Call us at (289) 260-2462 and be ready to get started with your renovation process.

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