Is It Worth Renovating Before Selling?

Home Renovation

You may be ready to pack your things and sell your property, however, the moment you inspect your house, it may not look so winsome and marketable. Although it might have gone through minor restorations from post to pillar, generally, your house requires some tedious upgrading. You might not consider the state of your home until you think of moving out – but what’s best? There are several things to consider before making a decision.

What Do Buyers Really Want?

When you’ve decided to sell your home, your selling strategy should be based on which type of homeowners you’re targeting. Are you seeking to focus on those who need a move-in-ready place, or are you targeting people who want a fixer-upper home?

You have to construct plans based on your:

    • Timeline
    • Budget
    • Listing price intent

For buyers wanting to overhaul their own homes, saving money is the primary determinant. And, many who like to update or fix up the property simply find pleasure in beautifying their home.


Benefits Of Renovating Your House

Before we brood over what renovation plans are best, it’s essential to understand why you’d need to renovate your house in the first place. Making amendments you can treasure for the next several years is one thing; however, spending money on renovations directly before moving out is another.

When you opt for the correct renovation project, your house value can double and draw more potential buyers. When more people dote on your home, you can anticipate more deals, resulting in a much higher sale price.

Factors To Consider

State Of The Real Estate Market

Homes that sit on the market, even for a few days in a hot market, earn many offers and even bidding clashes. You can often escape fewer fixes in a seller’s market before selling, but a home that requires mending will still offer a lower value in any market. In a slow housing market, buyers might not even burden themselves with viewing a home that requires work.

Real Estate Agents As A Resource

It’s essential to hire a local real estate agent who has expertise in selling homes and, primarily, in your residential area. Homes in your suburb listed in the same price bracket must be the benchmark by which you raise your own home. Suppose these homes have elements and luxuries that yours doesn’t; this could suggest the necessity for certain renovations. A real estate agent must be able to give a comparative market analysis which will help you gain insight into whether your property delivers more (or less) than equally established homes.

Timeline For Remodeling Project

Your home remodel projects will take longer than predicted, so be ready and provide what is needed to prevent frustration. For example, replacing the old flooring can take a few days, but a decking installation can take several weeks.

Plan out your short-term and long-term renovation projects. Short-term home improvements could only take a few days to complete (e.g. painting a room), while long-term endeavours (e.g. a complete kitchen remodel) could require hiring a contractor over several weeks. Likewise, you mustn’t expect to include your fixer-upper property for the same value as the squeaky-clean, move-in-ready home.

Be practical about the renovation procedure and timeline and choose your new upgrades before discarding the existing materials. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each remodel option and decide appropriately.

Return On Investment

Will you earn any money back from it at the date of selling? It’s essential to remember the cost vs. value philosophy as to renovations.

Some repairs and modifications will bear more fruit than others; thus, higher return on investment (ROI) regarding resale and property value. More extensive refurbishments are not always better as paying more does not guarantee a higher value yield. Home prices are likely to correspond to local home buyer preferences and the price they’re willing to pay.

What Home Renovations Are Worth Doing Before Selling?

Although you’re thinking of renovating your home, you still have to work on some obvious repairs and upgrades. Remember that renovations must be able to hold off market changes and an array of preferences. You may not gain more money, but it’ll make a difference. If you don’t provide obvious repairs or upgrades, you may need to lower your selling price. We’ve listed some renovations we’d recommend you address before selling your property:

General Repairs

General repairs involve revamping anything that has been destroyed or damaged. When a potential buyer explores your home and sees anything damaged, they interpret that the house is inadequately kept. Likewise, first-time buyers lack some knowledge about home repairs to pinpoint if something’s major or minor.

Replacing or refinishing your flooring and painting the walls are the fastest and most affordable ways to restore a house. However, don’t cover hardwood floors with new carpeting. Another good investment is finishing a basement as it will yield a higher ROI.

Adding a new roof, replacing a damaged roof, and renovating old outlets will enable you to carry on the sale of your home. During review and appraisal, having those upgrades done will boost the home value and lower the probability of being obliged to make repairs or revise pricing later in the process.


Kitchen renovations are critical because that space is a gathering place and a strong selling point in any home. An old or gruesome kitchen can destroy a home sale. While this doesn’t suggest you invest in luxury appliances, a minor kitchen remodel might be profitable, like replacing outdated cabinets and countertops.


The bathroom is generally one of the smallest areas in the house, though its value is higher than most homeowners would assume. It’s where most buyers can picture prepping for the day and relaxing at night. An outdated, leaky faucet or standard showerhead will dissuade potential owners. Replace these old fixtures with modern ones. If there is ample space, consider placing dual sinks – a focal point buyers love in a bathroom that they’re sharing with their family members.

DIY Projects To Increase Profit

A do-it-yourself plan can help save on labour expenses and improve your DIY capability. You can decide on multiple small- to mid-scale tasks with little to no help from an expert:

      • Replacing doors and windows that are leaking or letting in breezes allows you to revamp your home’s appeal and conserve on electric bills.
      • Paint makes a home appear more extensive and adequately maintained. When doing this, remember that you must use fresh paint in neutral colours like white, beige or grey since you don’t know your buyer’s taste.
      • Well-lit rooms make it easier for clients to visualize a comfortable life in your space. Have two 50W halogen bulbs for every 10 square metres as general guidance. There is no need to install beaming spotlights in every room. Opting for different lighting sources (ambient, task-specific, and accent light fixtures) based on the room’s features is invaluable.

Enhance The Exterior

71% of future homebuyers state a home’s curb appeal is a paramount factor in their purchasing decisions, and that suggests your home’s exterior has to be in the best condition.

      • Have a neat, fresh coat of paint on the front door
      • Make sure you replace old exterior lighting and add new fixtures
      • Install a new garage door
      • Replace siding and switch to a more durable roofing material
      • Add privacy fence
      • Add pops of colour with flowers and a few potted plants
      • Declutter the yard

Deep clean

Having your home deep cleaned inside and out can add incredible value. A clean property makes it easier for prospective owners to catch any structural damage or upgrades that must be fulfilled. Clean your exterior siding and interior walls. Pressure wash your gateway, sidewalk, and other pathways. You can complete the task yourself or employ professionals.

So, Should You Remodel Your Home Before Selling?

Remember to never over-renovate your home. If you need more information on renovating your property before selling it, call us and ask us about our various renovation services. Our experts promise excellent handiwork to increase the value of your home.

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